How a Tulsa Expungement Attorney Can Save Your Life

One of the bad things about having a criminal record is that it has the tendency to follow the person for a long time, if not the rest of his or her life. Such a thing could cause a lot of problems for the person like difficulty finding a place to live or a hindrance to getting employment. This is where it is a good idea if a convicted person could get an expungement. There is a Tulsa expungement attorney in Oklahoma who can help ex-convicts get their records cleared so they can move on with life.

What is an Expungement?

An expungement is the act of making a criminal record appear as if it never happened, and is done by the sealing of the record from the public. This gives the ex-criminal the right to say that the crime never happened or that he or she has never committed a crime if the question comes up. This could literally save the life of someone who otherwise would not be able to make a living. It is the thing for an ex-criminal to try to do if he or she can get it done.

The Types of Expungement in Oklahoma

There are two types of expungements that a person can get in Oklahoma, one called the criminal records expungement and the other being called the deferred sentence expungement. The first type practically erases all the data that says a person committed a crime, including removing his or her name from private online records companies. The second type of expungement allows the person to have his or her plea expunged and show that the case was dismissed.

Who Can Help with Expungements in Oklahoma

There is an attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma who can help ex-criminals with their expungements, enabling them to get on with their lives. The ex-criminals no longer have to live in shame for something that they might have gotten caught up in. Those who are ready for a change in their lives can call the attorney for an initial free consultation. For more information, they can visit the website of the attorney at